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if you like what I do,
sometimes )) I still do custom jobs…
I do Originals only




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+30 years of experience in 

media content production

print –  broadcast – news – advertising – data visualization – VFX – animation – …

fluent in 6 languages

worked on 5 continents

meanwhile I’m 57
time to finally settle down…


Of course, I got a classic art formation…When I went to school, the computer (@ least PC, Mac) wasn’t even invented… not to mention mobile phone)))

I did classic “Beaux-Arts” a high school in Luxembourg with focus on photography, however I did, sculpture, pottery, freehand drawing, painting, serigraphy…aso…the whole game))…after this I went to visit several design and art post-high schools in Linz and Vienna (Austria).

One year of interim in Munich and Berlin (Germany), in a photo lab and advertising agency until finally landing in “École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs” in Paris (France)

However, since my earliest childhood I was a rebel, I could never ever fit in any rigid system, especially at that time)) also due to a major family crisis, my father as well as my brother died both in less than one year while I was studying in Paris, I managed to finish the 3 years in Paris (they gave me 2 for free, apparently, I was talented)) but never wrote my thesis…which I still regret today…

The fact that I lost half of my family at such a young age, provoked a tremendous change of mindset to my life vision… I realized that no money on earth will help you, once you are six feet under… A strong desire for travelling and asian philosophy was the consequence…I still don’t regret the path I took…I had a very thrilling and interesting life… I still have a very strong aversion against any material possession, no wonder that I ended up as a convinced minimalist.

However, I even got married once, it didn’t last long… meanwhile my two sons, went both to study at universities, as a result, daddy must still work for a few more years))) Of, course, it seemed that I had a certain talent and I got booked worldwide, I worked mainly as a freelance media production consultant for plenty of companies…I don’t even remember them all…And, yes, the jobs were very well paid, however I spend practically everything in travelling…

Also, I insist on the word “travelling”, I never ever slept (apart for my job) in expensive hotels, I never did tourism…I always went among the local people and more than once slept on the floor and used mainly local trains and buses. However, at that time, intercontinental flights where extremly expensive…I’m rootless and I embraced it, no wonder that I feel myself strongly attracted to the gypsies, Tuaregs, nomads, aso… Meanwhile I live six months per year in a small village in the Andalusian back land of Spain and the other six month I teach media classes in a Luxembourgian high school (yeah, I know, funny irony)) until I will retire in some years…

If I don’t do my “art” , I would die)) so, expect still a lot of production in the near future…



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