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july 2017

I’m starting my first “short film” as a “one man show” …It will be a titanic work, project! As it is summer, incredibly hot, here in the south of Spain, as well as I only have my laptop at disposal things advance a bit slower 🙂 However,  two very short “previews” (test render) which might give you an Idea where [...]

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june 2017

Hi there, first of ALL, thank you to my subscribers 200+ ! I will reach 10.000 visitors this month + 30.000 visits! (6 month online) THANK YOU SO MUCH still working hard to get my andalusia lab up and working.... actually I only have my Laptop ^^ also... working a lot on character animation in 3D   https://youtu.be/VnqAyyzRsZU

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mai 2017

new menu section added: service video   more to follow data vizualisation webdesign Illustration architectural simulation ingeneer  (CAD) simulation advertising campaign...

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march 2017

Was quiet busy last month... Here the reason 😉 lesc.lu   Next week, I will travel to Sevilla to Finish the launch of the production lab... As my whole office is in my backpack I will be able to continue producing... So long,

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February 2017

February 2017 Hi, New video in production… working on a new, time consuming, quiet complex technique for my Illustrations (mixing 3D render, photos and graphics) more on this by end of February… still desperately seeking a good PHP, MySQL coder… if you are interested drop me an email 😉 extend the blue yguana website (forum, database, subscriptions…)   That’s it [...]

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by end of 01.2017

Hi there, First, ty to the subscribers! You are not that much, … but constant growing! It helps me a lot and keeps me going during the countless hours of working… So many things to do… Especially my return to the roots of large format print…A0, A1. Preparing a new video Website A lot of Paper/legal stuff to clear before [...]

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