june 2018

Hi there, You didn’t hear from me in a while) First, I would like to thank my faithful followers! I never could imagine getting +- 600 followers))) Also, even if I speak 5 languages and understand two more, My English isn’t the best out there)) (at least concerning writing…) I hope you forgive me,)), in my [...]

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january 2018

Hi, I was quite busy the last months… The new job as media teacher @ lesc, I live 6 months per year in Spain and the other 6 months in Luxembourg. The new website: blueyguana edition 0.2018 A bunch of new software, updates aso. to learn and stay in da Game ) The crash of my power [...]

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july 2017

I’m starting my first “short film” as a “one man show” …It will be a titanic work, project! As it is summer, incredibly hot, here in the south of Spain, as well as I only have my laptop at disposal things advance a bit slower :) However,  two very short “previews” (test render) which might give [...]

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blue walking

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kvihbf_u8eM blue walking: scene I

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june 2017

Hi there, first of ALL, thank you to my subscribers 200+ ! I will reach 10.000 visitors this month + 30.000 visits! (6 month online) THANK YOU SO MUCH still working hard to get my andalusia lab up and working.... actually I only have my Laptop ^^ also... working a lot on character animation in 3D [...]

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mai 2017

new menu section added: service video   more to follow data vizualisation webdesign Illustration architectural simulation ingeneer  (CAD) simulation advertising campaign...

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