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Blue Yguana reloaded 2022

It was a very long way, …

Finally, here we are

It all started in 2016 when I decided to retire from my job. I was quite sick at that time and had to face some major changes in my life. I left Luxembourg and went to rent an apartment near Málaga, Spain. From there on I started searching to buy a house. The main criteria were, not more than 100 km away from Málaga airport, not at the direct coast, the inland, a small village, or the countryside. Meanwhile, I had to go back several times to Luxembourg, and sell all my stuff, do the necessary paperwork, and so on.

When I discovered Ronda, I knew, this is the place from where I would start to launch Blue Yguana and live the rest of my life.  After several months, and more than 30 visits, I finally found my future Finca headquarters.

It took me 2 more years, to renovate the Finca, install my office, and found the company.  I had to do the trademarking and copyright, everything. After that, I had to build a team, create 300 original high-resolution images, build a website, get the whole online shop structure organized, find a print and shipping service, and do the advertising and marketing.

A hell of a job, but I love it !!!

More to come in the next days and weeks,…

Speak to you soon

Blue Yguana