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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
(Pablo Picasso)

handcrafted fine art & digital media production

blue yguana
blue yguanaArtist
– world traveler – taoist – Iconoclast – lonely wolf – digital alchemist –
(30 years of experience in media content production)
about me

digital a r t i s t
(Spain/Luxembourg )

new media teacher @ lesc



Blade Runner I

Blade Runner I
(by world…)

David vs Goliath

David vs Goliath
(Belgium vs Brazil )))
modern soccer…

AI picnic

AI picnic (128x128cm)

Mad Max III

Mad Max III

Mad Max III “wasteland” (genius George Miller!) (A0)

this is the last one of Max series…
now I want to make “Blade Runner” and maybe “Alien/Prometheus” ))
will be way more challenging…
I simply love Ridley Scott‘s aesthetics…
huge challenge ahead 

Wu wei

Wu wei

a concept literally meaning non-action or non-doing.
Wu wei emerged in the Spring and Autumn period to become an important concept in both Taoism and Chinese statecraft…

An “attitude of genuine non-action, motivated by a lack of desire to participate in human affairs” and a “technique by means which the one who practices it may gain enhanced control of human affairs.”
quite in line with the contemplative Taoism of the Zhuangzi.
Described as a source of serenity in Taoist thought… (more on Wikipedia…)

Mad Max II

Mad Max II (A0)

Mad Max I

Mad Max I (84x112cm)


(Brunhilde was a Valkyrie
a warrior maiden of the supreme god Odin.
Because she was disobedient, Odin punished Brunhilde by causing her to fall into everlasting sleep surrounded by a wall of fire.
The hero Sigurd crossed through the flames and woke the maiden with a kiss.
They became engaged, but Sigurd left to continue his travels…)
more on Wikipedia



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