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I don’t
know where
I’m going
but I’m on
my way.

did this one, when I first heard this… song is pure poesy (in my humble opinion ))… I had to do the video ) Kygo

we l c o m e,

this is my personal website,

blue yguana 0.2018 edition

(the name blue yguana? it was the name of my first char in an online PVP game : )

… from time to time a little more information about me…

to be honest, I refrain to talk about myself publicly (in smaller circles it’s quiet different, ask my friends  ^),

I am quiet social but more on a smaller scale (for social media I prefer to put my work in front),

especially here…

my dedication to my  work, should speak for me.

I honestly hope you like it, as I like doing it!

Everything on this site and connected to “blue yguana” (related to all social media) are originals, crafted by myself.

illustrations, photos, complete web configuration, videos, motion-design aso.


Raym Bintz
Raym Bintzartist
artist – alchemist- iconoclast – minimalist – taoist

about this website

this website will be in constant evolution,

I hope you enjoy, and hope to see you back soon.