june 2018

Hi there,

You didn’t hear from me in a while)

First, I would like to thank my faithful followers!

I never could imagine getting +- 600 followers)))

Also, even if I speak 5 languages and understand two more,

My English isn’t the best out there)) (at least concerning writing…)

I hope you forgive me,)), in my humble opinion… if you understand me, everything is fine.

A lot happened in the last couple of months…

Especially my job at the Luxemburgish high school took me a lot of time and work!

I still don’t want to use advertising on my site and to be honest, I don’t do my images, videos, design and web configuration for money, but for the sole pleasure of doing it!

I do it, because, I guess like professional athletes, if they don’t train they feel unhappy, if I don’t draw I feel tremendously unhappy))

However, at least some of them get paid for their effort))) most of artist out there, don’t)

The fact that I’m a convinced minimalist, helps me a lot as I don’t find any satisfaction in buying material things, however everybody must live from something…

Also, my software, hardware, servers aso. All, cost me a hell of money, however it is my passion, it is my life…

During my long career I owned quiet good money as a specialist in new media content production.

Which I mostly spend by travelling this planet)))

I guess (hope) like many artists out there, very few get recognized, and even then, most of them, only once they are dead, lol)

Maybe one day my grand children will be thankful, who knows…

Ok, What else?

I will rebuild a large part of blueyguana.com and add brand new content during the next months

So please stay tuned,


Blue Yguana


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