june 2018

Hi there,

You didn’t hear from me in a while)

First, I would like to thank my faithful followers!

I never could imagine getting + 600 followers…

My English isn’t the best out there)) as long as…you understand me… everything is fine.


Cela sert à quoi la grammaire, si vous n’avez rien à dire ?

Du muss dich anpassen… Wo kämen wir denn sonst hin? Sagte er…damals in Dachau, zu dem anderen Wächter, welcher sichtlich unsicher und verwirrt wirkte…

Wer stellt denn schon Fragen…Fragen sind gefährlich!

Sklaven kann man nur durch Sklaven halten…ansonsten wäre all dies hier unmöglich…

Money? society? kings & queens, religion, please come on…are you kidding?

The day the Nomads stopped to be nomads, was the worst in human history

“homo” ? “sapiens” please let me laugh out, loud and clear… 

There is a Monster out there, a horrible plague, worse than anything else…pest, cholera…

They call it capitalism…

Pero bueno hombre, por favor, que me cuentas, la anarquía es una invención española, eso si…


A lot happened in the last couple of months…

I still don’t want to use advertising on my site and to be honest, I don’t create  for money, but for the only pleasure of creating!

Ok, What else?

I will rebuild a large part of blueyguana.com and add new content during the next months

So please stay tuned,


Blue Yguana


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