Creative people are weird. That’s a very good thing…

XII scene...

XII scene …

Dmitry XII

Dmitry…very first anim test render…a lot more to come in 2019 )))

Dmitry XII

Dmitry XII

Cocoon I

Cocoon I


Dmitry (the one from the cold…)


blueyguana 0.2019 edition in the making…

∞ more content

∞ more videos

∞ a completely new website design

∞ more interactivity

∞ more Images

∞ better User section

∞ own shop

∞ many more …

stay tuned 😉

new section added

ars civilitas

don't care

don’t care

(When you, truly, don’t care what anyone else thinks of you, YOU have reached a “dangerously” AWESOME level of freedom!)

dance II

dance II

dance I

dance I

Elle III

Elle IV (XII…)

Elle III

Elle III (XII…)

Elle II

Elle II (XII…)

drunken Robots

drunken Robots…

gallery september 2018
justice II

justice I

justice II

justice II



forest fairy III

forest fairy III

BERLIN Calling

music: sky&sand / Paul Kalkbrenner

digital  a r t i s t

(Spain / Luxembourg )

blue yguana
blue yguanaArtist
– world traveler – taoist – Iconoclast – lonely wolf – digital alchemist – empath –
(30 years of experience in media content production)

fire I (200×200 cm)



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video 2018
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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
(Pablo Picasso)