septembre 2018


Pour changer, cette fois ci, c’est en français)) Le prochain sera en allemand ???? Une langue, dans laquelle je me sens un peu plus à l’aise… bien que ce ne soit toujours pas ma langue maternelle…cependant écrire en luxembourgeois serait plutôt un code secret, très utile pour la troisième guerre mondiale (OUI, je sais, je suis assez [...]

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june 2018


Hi there, You didn’t hear from me in a while) First, I would like to thank my faithful followers! I never could imagine getting + 600 followers... My English isn’t the best out there)) as long as…you understand me... everything is fine.   Cela sert à quoi la grammaire, si vous n'avez rien à dire ? [...]

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january 2018


Hi, I was quite busy the last months… The new job as media teacher @ lesc, I live 6 months per year in Spain and the other 6 months in Luxembourg. The new website: blueyguana edition 0.2018 A bunch of new software, updates aso. to learn and stay in da Game ) The crash of my power [...]

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july 2017


I’m starting my first “short film” as a “one man show” …It will be a titanic work, project! As it is summer, incredibly hot, here in the south of Spain, as well as I only have my laptop at disposal things advance a bit slower :) However,  two very short “previews” (test render) which might give [...]

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blue walking

2017-06-18T09:00:47+02:00 blue walking: scene I

blue walking2017-06-18T09:00:47+02:00

june 2017


Hi there, first of ALL, thank you to my subscribers 200+ ! I will reach 10.000 visitors this month + 30.000 visits! (6 month online) THANK YOU SO MUCH still working hard to get my andalusia lab up and working.... actually I only have my Laptop ^^ also... working a lot on character animation in 3D [...]

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mai 2017


new menu section added: service video   more to follow data vizualisation webdesign Illustration architectural simulation ingeneer  (CAD) simulation advertising campaign...

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