Blue yguana is way more than the works of a digital artist.

Blue yguana is a life philosophy, a lifestyle brand, a very specific way to approach life and how to handle it.

The whole concept of blue yguana is greatly influenced by Asian philosophy. ZEN, TAO, Buddhism, mainly WU WEI.

Most, if not all, my works are highly inspired by impressions, moods, the world around me.

Religion, politics, science, philosophy, economy, media…

Born in 1960 in Luxembourg EU, I started, at a very young age to travel, first for my studies, later for my job. …Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa…

I have seen and lived…fantastic, marvelous, magic moments…sad, horrible, cruel, shocking moments…

Today, I live in Southern Spain and devote my time and energy to creating images.

Without the help and support of friends as well as local skilled operatives this project would never have been possible,

Ty guys and girls,